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Horizon Neo

Horizon Pulse Guardian

Horizon Pulse Guardian

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Discover Horizon Pulse Guardian | another new smartwatch that can track sports activities and manage health status in real time.

Introducing the Horizon Pulse Guardian, a dynamic sporty smartwatch boasting a sleek rectangular design and a generous 1.91-inch AMOLED screen. Packed with an array of features, it includes a heart rate monitor, SPO2 blood oxygen monitor, multi-sport modes, ECG+PPG capabilities, and IP67 waterproofing, all complemented by seamless Bluetooth calling functionality.

The Horizon Pulse Guardian boasts a chic rectangular design that exudes style and versatility, making it a fashionable accessory suitable for both men and women. With dimensions measuring 41.55412.2mm and weighing approximately 50g, it strikes the perfect balance between form and functionality. Sporting a single physical button on the right side, it seamlessly activates various functions, including starting your run with ease. On the reverse side, you'll find a standard configuration featuring magnetic charging contacts and a reliable heart rate sensor, ensuring convenience and accuracy in every aspect of its design.

Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, the Horizon Pulse Guardian smartwatch features a robust zinc alloy body paired with a sleek silicone strap. Its vibrant 1.91-inch AMOLED touchscreen, curved with 2.5D glass, offers a luxurious viewing experience with a crystal-clear resolution of 466 × 466 pixels. Additionally, it comes preloaded with a diverse selection of watch faces to suit every style preference. Available in classic black and silver colors, the Horizon Pulse Guardian is as customizable as it is sophisticated, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and fashion.


Bluetooth dialing/Voice Assistant/Radiation level/Blood glucose/Blood oxygen /ECG/SOS emergency rescue/heart rate/blood pressure/body temperature/Bluetooth music/weather

AMOLED Display Screen
1.91"HD large screen

Superconducting Nano-Electrode
High-tech nanomaterials have superior conductivity, more meticulous signal acquisition and more accurate measurement.

Bluetooth voice call
Add a contact and dial with 1 click
Liberate your hands anytime and anywhere, dial and answer more efficiently, and deal with all kinds of life situations easily.

ECG detection
Wear wrist ECG test function, intelligent and portable at any time, using ECG sensor chip, according to I-lead standard, using superconducting powder metallurgy technology to collect heart ECG waveform (ECG). Like the detection principle of electrocardiograph in hospital, it helps users to find abnormalities in time and evaluate sudden risks.

Intelligent AI analysis report
HRV tracking / electrocardiogram disease screening
A variety of ECG disease screening, heart health index, Lorentz scatter chart analysis report, HRV data monitoring, APP can view the report, a comprehensive understanding of heart health.

Non-invasive uric acid detection
Support for APP uric acid private mode calibration
The imbalance between the production and excretion of uric acid in the body leads to the increase of serum uric acid, which is the main cause of gout. The normal value of male uric acid was 149 ~ 416 M mol / L. The normal value of uric acid in female was 89 ~ 357 M mol / L. If it exceeds the target, it is high uric acid.

Control the changes of blood lipids
Support APP blood lipids private model calibration
24-hour automatic monitoring of blood lipid changes, understand their own blood lipid levels, prevent sudden symptoms, healthy and happy every day.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
Support 24-hour automatic monitoring
24-hour monitoring of blood sugar changes, automatically generate data and save to APP, users can refer to the change trend of blood glucose value, adjust their diet, exercise, so as to better control their own blood sugar level.

Body composition
analysis of BMI body mass index
The data of BMI index / body fat / fat free body weight / muscle / subcutaneous fat / body water / skeletal muscle / bone mass / protein / basic metabolism were analyzed to fully understand their own health status.

Radiation level detection
Attach importance to the health of living environment
A new radiation level detection algorithm is developed to measure the radiation value of the surrounding environment with one button to avoid body damage.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring
Be in good health at all times
Using our upgraded FitBlood+ PWTT algorithm, blood pressure can be measured 24 hours a day, and blood pressure can be measured by wearing a watch. More comprehensive data can also be viewed through the mobile APP.

24-hour HR monitoring
Early warning of abnormal heart rate
24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, heart rate high warning, always take care of your health, you can check the specific data on the app side.

Red light blood oxygen detection
Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) is the percentage of the binding capacity of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood to the total hemoglobin capacity. The concentration of blood oxygen in the blood.

Understanding the level of blood oxygen is of great significance for us to understand our own state and protect our health. (mental workers, snorers, the elderly, high altitude, mountain anoxic environment should often detect blood oxygen saturation)

Sleep Health Monitoring
Intelligent analysis of sleep status
In accordance with the medical research in the field of sleep, through the uninterrupted collection of human PPG signals / respiratory quality / limb information.

Based on the comparative test of a large number of data, we can identify the sleep state with high precision, and its accuracy can reach the minute-level REM period and awakening, and provide detailed sleep data to facilitate customers to improve sleep.

SOS calls for help with one button.
APP add Emergency contact
Elderly people living alone suddenly feel unwell, as well as other emergencies, watch SOS icon slide to call for help, notify emergency contact.

60+ Movement Modes
Record Every Self-Challenge
Through the built-in high-precision sensor, you can accurately record your daily walking steps, mileage calorie consumption, heart rate during exercise, as well as exercise, cycling and other exercise modes.

Bluetooth voice assistant
Intelligent Al speech algorithm, can listen and do, on call, convenient and fast.

Custom dial library
APP can support photo dial
Enrich the dial library to meet a variety of aesthetic; support custom photo dial, match at will, show your own style. 

Product Specifications :

Device : Horizon Pulse Guardian

Shape : Rectangular

Dimension : 41.5*54*12.2mm

Weight : 50g

Colors : Black, Silver

Display : AMOLED

Screen Size : 1.91 Inch

Screen Resolution : 466 × 466 pixels

Compatible Os : Android & IOS

Sensors : Heart rate Sensor | G Senso

Bluetooth : V5.0


Speaker : Yes

Microphone : Yes

Multi-sports mode : Yes

Heart rate monitor : Yes

Blood oxygen monitor : Yes

Blood pressure monitor : Yes

Waterproof : IP65 waterproof

Additional Features :

• Sedentary reminder


• Sleep monitor

• Alarm

• Barometer

• Brightness adjusting, etc

Battery Capacity : 295 mAh

Normal usage: 3-7 days

Strap : Silicone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Raul Klocko

I am very satisfied with the purchase of this watch.

Delores Ebert

Arrived fully charged. First impression, the watch is super.
Working functions. Later I will unsubscribe how they behave in use

Marcos Cartwright

The clock was very cool, it arrived super fast, it arrived with a battery and if it lasts for a day it was only lowered for a 10% and that I have been moving to know more about its operation. Recommended to💯

Burley Hermiston

Very good I am satisfied with the very beautiful time clock Ball show recommend you buy

Lyla Beier

I'm very surprised! this watch is way better than I expected at this price. I opted for the metal bracelet, it's very well made. The watch itself has many functions. Tons of watch faces to choose from in the app. Nice, bright and sharp screen! Good touch sensitivity. Notifications are quick once paired with your phone. The battery is pretty good and it's lasted 3 days so far and it's at 70% with constant monitoring. An absolute bargain!